Outstaffing Advantages

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Outstaffing Advantages

The main advantages of outstaffing are the following:

Elimination of labor disputes. When an employee signs a contract to work with an outstaffing company, and not directly with the customer, he excludes the customer from various possible labor disputes that may affect the employee. Significant simplification of personnel management and personnel management. All vacations, bonuses and sick leave must be issued and signed by the outstaffing company. This significantly reduces the burden on the accounting department of the client's company and relieves it of providing employees with certain social guarantees.

Simple solution to financial issues. The outstaffer company itself conducts settlement operations regarding payroll and compensation payments. Outstaffer pays taxes and fees, is engaged in tax optimization, etc.

Outstaffing is the optimal solution for:

Organization of full-time positions - when developers are needed, there is money, but there is no opportunity to expand the staff. Optimization of the workload on full-time employees. Temporary expansion of the actual staff for the implementation of a specific project. Replacing long-term absent employees. The need for the services of narrow specialists. Savings on taxes. A highly professional certified specialist will always be at the workplace, you do not have to pay for his training and worry that he may get sick, quit or demand an extraordinary salary increase. All problems of this kind fall on the shoulders of the outstaffing service provider and are solved with minimal intervention on your part.

More profitable than hiring your own employees:

You do not need to formalize labor relations, ensure coordination and personnel management, keep salary and other records. You do not pay sick leave, vacations and maternity, do not pay salary taxes. You do not have downtime - an employee who, for any reason, does not come to work, will be immediately replaced by a similar specialist.

Easier than turning to headhunters:

You do not pay for the search for employees - only for the work directly performed by them. If the employee does not satisfy you, you will not have to start the search procedure anew - another one will simply be sent to his place, taking into account your claims. Having chosen outstaffing once, you can invite any IT specialist at any time.

More reliable than one-time calls:

The employee is always at the workplace according to the staffing table. All services are provided according to an individual contract developed taking into account your wishes. Your constant partner - us - is responsible for the competence of employees and the quality of all the work they perform. Outstaffing service - your right to use the experience of an unlimited number of employees, always a competent and responsible specialist in direct access and comfortable running your business.

By hiring IT staff in outstaffing format, you can:

  • do not spend money on renting / maintaining an office for the IT department;
  • not to conclude an individual contract with each of the remote employees;
  • do not keep extra bookkeeping and personnel records;
  • do not waste time and money on building team interaction. fire an employee one day.

Customer benefits

Get the maximum involvement in the product from the contractor

An outstaff specialist is involved in the processes and atmosphere of the client almost as much as his own employee - with the acceptance of all requirements for work methods, corporate culture and work schedule. At the same time, his motivation - with proper organization of processes and high-quality onboarding - is comparable to the motivation of a full-time employee. As a result, the client has a proactive employee or team that is fully integrated into their processes. Outstaff employees are usually even more motivated than in-house teams, as they are determined to achieve a specific result over a relatively short distance - for example, successfully complete a project in 3-4 months.

Strengthen your team quickly

The client chooses a ready-made specialist or a whole team that is immediately ready to connect to his project. And disconnect at the moment when the project is completed.

Save money

A complex project is difficult to evaluate from scratch using fixes. The budget will be directly proportional to the number of black boxes on the project - the more there are, the more the contractor re-mortgages, trying to close all possible risks. As a result, even a detailed estimate will not correspond to the actual time spent on the project. Neither the client nor the contractor likes this. Outstaff allows you not to burn the budget for the project, but to spend it rationally. Moreover, the client can use the available resources as flexibly as possible, and not waste energy on disputes with the contractor on the topic “in the specification, which we signed six months ago, this was not, and we will not do it”.

Outstaffing process

  • Flexible hiring model.

    Outstaffing is the next best thing to having your own auxiliary staff. Staff resources are dedicated to you and your IT needs, while the vendor handles payroll.

  • You have daily control over the development process.

    The decision to outsource vs outstaff often comes down to this. If you need more staff, but can’t afford to hire them into your organization, outstaff development is the next best thing. You’ll be able to work with your vendor resources as if they are your own team, giving them daily interaction and instruction, and hardwiring them into your development process with your own employees.

  • Full Access.

    When people wonder what is outstaffing, and why you’d choose to work this way, the answer lies in having more day-to-day, hands-on management. In this outstaffing model, you work as the project manager. You coordinate resources. You handle quality assurance.

  • Lower costs.

    Because the client is handling so much of the heavy lifting on management, the hourly rate of the outstaff team members is usually lower, and you eliminate the hours of project management your vendor usually adds the estimate. The savings can be significant if you’re up for the extra work.

Customer advantages

Business Growth

Outstaffing allows you to reduce one of the most expensive parts of your business, the labour costs. Freeing this up will allow you to reinvest funds into your business and give you the opportunity to expand your offerings and service. Essentially working on your business rather than in your business

Greater Availability

Having a different time zone and a workforce ready for 24×7 operation, gives you an outstanding opportunity to support your clients when they need it and fulfill their ever-changing needs. This results in a better level of service and higher level of customer experience with quicker and direct contact to your business. Increasing the competitive edge in your industry.

Reduced Risk

To have multiple teams in different countries helps to reduce your risk, provide a greater marketing opportunity and allows you to support your clients when they need it.

Access to Staff

This model gives you access to a young and vast pool of talent. In particular to English speaking foreign countries, who are highly skilled and university educated. With the current pressure to find employees with the right skillset in already developed countries, implementing offshore teams will compliment the existing staff. The wide skill availability for knowledge-based processes through outstaffing becomes an advantage for any business looking to fulfill specific requirements.


Many businesses may not want to relinquish control of part of their operations and production to an external party. Outstaffing allows you to have dedicated staff to work for your company only. You provide the direction, train the staff and everything is done the way you want it to, which leads to accountability internal of the business.


Choosing an outstaffing company,
you can hire great developers

No hiring costs. You will have complete control over and access to your developers. Can increase and decrease the team when you need it. You can benefit from lower rates when you compare this to home-based hiring, local agencies, and outsourcing.

Choosing an outstaffing