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When outstaffing can be useful for you?

If you have the necessary experience and technical guidance from your development team, but there simply aren't enough development capabilities (i.e. development productivity), outstaffing can potentially be useful to overcome the limits. In this case, you will need to expand the team or additional opportunities for development. This can be useful if you are trying to maintain control over the architectural consistency of software components, or when you have a strong CTO who can implement your development strategy.

By adopting an outstaffing model, your company can hire developers from external vendors and temporarily expand its internal teams when implementing a software project. However, remember that while outstaffing companies can be brought in to save on payouts, insurance, and other costs, your company's technical leadership needs to know how to work with remote teams (remote developers). Communication becomes even more important as project managers must be willing and able to give remote workers precise instructions or they risk completely disrupting software projects.

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Choosing an outstaffing company,
you can hire great developers

No hiring costs. You will have complete control over and access to your developers. Can increase and decrease the team when you need it. You can benefit from lower rates when you compare this to home-based hiring, local agencies, and outsourcing.

Choosing an outstaffing

Carefully study client needs

We always try to carefully study a potential project, especially if it requires a one-time allocation of at least 5 people. After the interviews have been completed and the client has approved the specialists, we propose to conduct a discovery call between the teams.

Team leads, project managers and other active project participants from the client's side answer questions from our specialists, discuss roles on the project and organizational issues. After the call, we discuss the project as a team, collect feedback from specialists. If all participants are satisfied with their prospects for participating in the project, then we are ready to start.
This call also helps the client to make sure of the correct choice and to synchronize on key issues. This is especially important if we have a long project ahead of us.