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When we can help you?

You have your own expertise and strong project leaders. Your development team is busy, but an urgent project requires additional capacity and no time to search and hire. We need developers with knowledge of a specific stack. You need to optimize costs for new developers. In these cases, you need to contact our company.

When do you need services of the dedicated development?

  • When it is a long term project that needs continuous updates and improvements
  • When the scope changes and technical requirements are unclear
  • When internal developers have no time to carry out the project or have no required expertise in specific areas
  • When the company is on a tight budget and is not cost-effective paying high local salaries
  • When the company doesn’t want to waste time on employee hiring and personnel management
  • When the project needs to be scaled on time

Your benefits

Hiring a dedicated team of software engineers can be a huge business benefit. This saves you software development costs and time to market, while providing full visibility into the development process and real-time communication. The company has complete control over project implementation and collaboration, interacting with business needs, planning flexibility and changing priorities. The cost is quite predictable. If necessary, the project can be increased or decreased.